The Accuser says to me in my head:
"You are disqualified.
 If your friends knew what you have done, they scatter like thief's.
There are Godlier people than you...
 so just lay low and be glad GOD even  knows who you are."
The Accuser says "Your a Sinner Mac...You are Not Good Enough!..
...but GOD says:
" I'm The Son of a Risen KING!"  
 Jesus says..."Set you mind on the things above Mac."
I yell out..."Give me the strength to handle this"...Jesus whispers...
"You have had all the strength you need since the Cross.  
 You are Redeemed and Equipped to overcome."
 Just "REST" in the shadow of My Cross Mac...Rest!
There will never be a time that I say...I'm disappointed in you Mac.
I will only blanket you in my love and say:
"I am madly In Love with you. I could not be more pleased with you...
 because what you have not who you are."
 "Your Identity Mac, is in Me, Jesus Christ."
   I am Redeemed"!
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