An online Christian Music Morning Show I enjoy listening to, "Doug and Jaci" asked the question:
"Do you have a story of an unsung (and unknown) hero that has impacted your family?"
Here is what I shared with them. Enjoy. GOD is Good!

Dear Doug and Jaci...
I have A Lost Bible Ministry @ our church.
When someone leaves their bible at church, I look for contact info and return the bible. A few months ago, I found a bible and scoured it for some contact info Even though this appeared to be a "Well Read" bible, there was nothing written in the bible that lead me to any single person.
However, I did find an "appointment card" with a name and address on it. I grabbed the phone book & I looked up the name, 
and Hallelujah, it matched the address. However when I called the number and asked for the gentleman by name...a "sharp voice replied..."He doesn't live here anymore!" Sensing some resentment in her voice, I shared that I had found a bible and his appointment card was in it. The voice quickly went soft and tearful, she said..."Oh My. that's my x husband. He has been so angry after loosing the bible."
She shared his contact info and thanked me for finding the bible. 

Upon reaching the man on the phone...he broke into tears and informed me that The Bible had belonged to his grandmother...the person who raised him. Every night of his life..she had read the bible out loud to him. It was his grandmother and her bible that brought him into a relationship with Jesus. 
She had died a few months back, but before she died...
she gave him that bible. It was the single position he has to remember her by.

A month previous...The bible had been stolen from his car.
He was just so sad and angry, feeling as if he had not honored his Grandmother by allowing it to be stolen.
The only thing we could figure, that the thief had a GOD moment, and brought the bible to our church anonymously hoping it would find it's way home to the owner.
We knew it WAS a coincidence as we both believed that: 
"Coincidence is GOD's way of Revealing Himself.

This man got his most precious gift returned to him...
A Thief listened to GOD...
And a ministry was humbled how GOD had used me.
Thanks Chris Gunnare & Lutheran Church of Hope for allowing me to have this Ministry. ‪#‎Blessed‬

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