Are you in The 11 % ?

From Life Way Research:
Seventy percent of senior pastors at Protestant churches say religious liberty is on the decline in the United States, and 59 percent of Christians believe they are losing the culture war.
Eleven percent considers that war already lost.

Many old friends have said over the past couple of years that I might consider a "Mac's MUTE Button".
My defense of the Gospel often is quiet, reverent and polite...trying to accommodate the PC Police.
Other times...Im A Mama Bear protecting her cubs.
It's not because "I don't like Gay People" ( talk like Kayne West)
or that "Women should not have control over their own bodies."
I get it.

 But My GOD blessed me with a Hunger for the Gospel...and we all know what the Word of God says about those sins. AND...HE gave me the public platform to discuss them.
I am Blessed to have millions of Listeners...and I don't want to use the gifts GOD has blessed me with as A Bully Pulpit.
So Im conflicted ...
I believe All Sins ( other than Blasphemy) are equal. 
I am as guilty as anyone making poor choices, and running with the Accuser.
But I never asked the government to turn my sin into A Government approved "RIGHT."
RIGHTS don't come from My Govt..they comes from GOD!
And The Truth should never be deemed "Hate Speech."

So when I saw this article from Todd Starnes, I really wanted to share it with you.
I couldn't say it better. Todd is an excellent researcher...and genuine in his reporting.  
Old School Journalism..."just the facts."

We, America, are dangerously close to facing laws that will make The Gospel...
"Hate Speech."
That's the ultimate victory "on Earth" for the Accuser.
So when you hear me being rather ridged on topics concerning the
"Anti Religious Police"...
maybe now you'll have a better understanding where my heart is...
deep in GOD's WILL for my life...
because I don't want to wake up one day and find myself "comfortable"...
and a member of the in  11%.

So Here is my question for you:
"Are you called to Defend the Gospel...or just to Proclaim it?"
What you say?
It's your voice I wanna hear in Mac's World.


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